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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Power lines


Power lines. You want to see a sour, depressed look on a photographer's face, ask about power lines. They ruin our photos. They drape across landscapes and clutter up our city shots.

We don't even see them anymore. I find an interesting house, building, or landscape, set up the shot, frame the scene and click. A couple more clicks in case I wobbled then I'm down the road. Later at home, I process the days photos and there they are. Power lines: the spoilers of breathtaking photos.

Here's a rock-faced house I found in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. I didn't see those power lines until I got back to the motel and downloaded the photos. They haunt us, they vex us.


But I think you'll see with the top photo that power lines may make an interesting subject in themselves. You may even find a way to incorporate them to enhance your scene.

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