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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Along US43 in Ethridge, Tennessee

Ethridge, TN DSC_0509_E

I was on my way to Lawrenceburg, Tennessee the other day, driving south down US43 and I found this spot in Ethridge. I first heard about Ethridge a couple years ago when I aked my friends down here where to get fresh fruits and vegetables. They told me to go to Ethridge because the Amish sell these items in an open air market and in stands along the backroads.

But when I got there (it's still too early Spring) there was none of that but I did find this place to take some photos.

Ethridge, TN DSC_0516_C1

Ethridge, TN DSC_0519_B1

Ethridge, TN DSC_0520_A

Ethridge, TN DSC_0521_A

Ethridge, TN DSC_0536_C

And below is my favorite photo from that day.

Ethridge, TN DSC_0537_A

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  1. These are fantastic! You should definitely check out the swinging bridge and old church at Mt Zion as well as Wilburn Mill next time you’re in Lawrence County.